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Professionalism, fairness and appreciation determine the work at perbit

Company culture

First and foremost are the people. When working with customers, employees and partners, integrity is the focus at perbit and we live this internally as well as externally. Professional, credible and reliable, personal, friendly and helpful - these are characteristics typical for perbit.

Competence when working and enthusiasm for the work unifies this motivated team that takes proximity to customers literally. This shows in animated dialogs: consulting contacts, workshops and user meetings help to actively integrate customers and their wishes in the product development process.

Balance of company and employee interests

The balance of company interests and employee needs is the result of an open climate and state-of-the-art personnel management: employee reviews, objective agreements, flexible working hours models, a variable compensation system and health promotion are a given - committed employees, low fluctuation and high product quality are the convincing results.

perbit assumes social responsibility. It is solidly anchored in the internal structures: perbit provides training, appreciates the performance of experienced persons returning to the work place and supports the compatibility of family and work. Beyond the company, perbit is engaged in supporting social sponsoring and cultural support.

Work/life balance

"We are family" - a family friendly personnel policy is more than a catch phrase at perbit Software GmbH. It is a basic component of the company culture and it is based on specific measures that are exemplary. The appreciation of the employees and the support of the compatibility of work and family are solidly anchored at perbit in a company strategy that aims towards a sustainable balance between company objectives and employees interests.

Flat hierarchies and an open, partnership oriented climate, which takes the social responsibility for others serious, are the ideal basis. This especially includes consideration for the family situation of our employees. Instead of attendance control through time tracking, we focus on a trust working time for all employees, which is result oriented and relies on time autonomy.

Parents have the option to arrange their work flexibly, with part time work or working from home. Executives also make use of parental leave. The many family friendly services at perbit include, among other things, child care subsidies, individual company car regulations, a company health management or special support when handling family members in need of care.

perbit has received several awards for the role model character of its family friendly personnel policy. The implemented measures received a renowned seal of approval back in 2005 with the certificate "audit berufundfamilie" [audit jobandfamily] of the charitable Hertie foundation. Since then, the audit received increasing recognition at companies that have found that family friendliness is a worthwhile investment in the future.



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