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Standardized service solutions can help personnel offices to resolve typical challenges and tasks quickly and satisfyingly. For you, they represent a "carefree package" consisting of the best service and tried-and-tested solution approaches. This allows perbit to conduct a quality-assured procedure that is guaranteed to lead to the desired result.

The perbit service solutions comprise the complete spectrum of tasks encountered in IT-supported personnel management. They cover content-based and technical issues from the HR department as well as technical issues from the IT division. The product range is constantly changing as certain topics are no longer current or new challenges arise.

What do you do when the person responsible for the HR system leaves the company? How does the personnel office conduct a software-supported demography analysis? What HR key figures should be examined and collected? While the requirements for human resources management software are as diverse as companies are - they often face similar questions that ultimately end in the same solution approach. Based on its many years of experience, perbit has standardized and documented the procedure of individual solution steps. These solution packages ensure that the desired effect is achieved without wasting time. 

The service solutions feature clearly described and delimited services. They improve the value creation of the use of the software and are easy to calculate into budgets, as each service solution is offered at a fixed price. In order to avoid travel times, the service solutions are primarily offered as online appointments. 

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