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Personal, friendly and competent: the range of services provide support for all issues


The requirements for our personnel management systems are as different as the companies themselves. Therefore, perbit conducts an in-depth dialogue with the customers to determine the respectively needed requirements profile.

A high solution competence is the basis for the experienced consulting, if it is required to define a tailor-made data and process model. It is the contact for the customer in all project phases – from the initial workshop through the implementation up to the continuous adaptation of the system to the changing general conditions.

Optimal system use for the long term

The perbit consultants do not only provide a well grounded economic personnel and information technology know-how but also a comprehensive project experience. With a focus on the specific company requirements, their strengths lie in generating and implementing the best solution for each customer.

The individual professional and technical consultation during the entire usage duration of the system as well as the high adaptability of the perbit software solutions guarantee an optimal use for the long-term – in other words: future proof and investment protection.

Consultation approach

The better a personnel management system addresses the individual company needs, the larger the added value factor. The entire process for the system introduction at perbit is therefore tailored individually to the customer.

The competent professional and technical consultation already starts before the implementation. This includes the detailed analysis of the business requirements from the standpoint of the customer, its transition into a data and the process model as well as the definition of the system interfaces.

Tailor-made implementation of individual customer requirements

Regardless of whether a new HR software solution is to be implemented or if an existing solution must be expanded – the perbit consultants provide a comprehensive consultation for each customer in all project phases. Together with the customer, they determine the respective requirement profile, offer several options and generate the most meaningful solution for the specific general conditions and task definitions of the customer.

The professional project management is based on the experience of many successful implementation projects and guarantees the fast and tailor-made implementation of the individual customer requirements. The result includes perfectly coordinated solutions that adapt flexibly to the different usage scenarios.


Tailor-made customizing is the best prerequisite for flawlessly functioning software supported processes. perbit can adapt the personnel management systems to company specific conditions quickly and with precision.

Flexible customizing without a lot of effort

Whether the expansion of a standard solution by individual data areas and functions is required, or the complete customization of a customer system – system adaptations are always possible for any scope.

If, for example, the economic personnel tasks in a company change and with them the requirements for the personnel management system, then the required adaptations can be implemented flexibly and without great effort. Despite individual characteristics, the full update capability of the system is guaranteed.

Standardized project sequences ensure that even comprehensive customizations of the customer system only take a few days. Short implementation times permit a fast productive usage of the system for each customer.



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