The app for the personnel management

The app for the personnel management is especially targeted at executives who travel a lot. You can use the iPhone or the iPad to complete personnel related tasks. at a glance

Personnel Management when traveling

Using the iOS app, the users can complete personal related tasks independent of time or city.

Safe due to role based access

Role based access rights protect against unauthorized access. No HR data is stored on the mobile device.

Responsive design for good readability

The users can work in a familiar look and feel environment. The views adapt dynamically to the respective device.


  • Location-Independent processing of approval procedures
  • Use the familiar functionality of perbit.insight
  • No training, uniform registration
  • Authentication of users analogous to the web client
  • News tasks appear as push messages

Functional features

  • Support for iPhones and iPads
  • Responsive design: The forms adapt themselves dynamically to the device class and orientation
  • Standard and individual processes
  • Individual designs of the app forms
  • High data protection and data security ensured – the app for personnel management

The iOS-App provides an additional, mobile access option to the human resource management software for personnel managers and executives. The app may be used to complete personnel related tasks such as approving applications for leave or making applicant decisions.

Intuitive control based on the perbit look and feel

The mobile HR work functions are easy and comfortable: New tasks appear as push messages on the display of an iPhone or iPad. At the same time, the decision relevant data are all visible for the decision makers. They can change existing records, grant approvals and can add comments. The look and feel of the iOS app is similar to the known functionality of perbit.insight: The personnel office can design the app forms individually and can select and place the fields in the design mode for the app.

High data protection and guaranteed data security always guarantees high data protection and high data security. The users authenticate themselves with their user name and password, the same user name and password that they use for the logon to the Web-Client. The individual access rights stored there protect against unauthorized access. In addition, data changes are recorded. A data loss is therefore prevented. The fact that no data and programs are stored on the mobile device also protects against possible unauthorized access.

Time saving personnel management when traveling

Using the iOS app, personnel managers and executives can approve or evaluate applications for leave, can make pending applicant decisions and can decide applications for seminars of their employees. In addition, it is possible to work on evaluation processes and have employee discussions. The makes relevant management task independent of the office workplace and provides more location and time related flexibility for the personnel management.

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