Position Management

Clear profiles, dependable planning

Responsibilities within the company change quickly. Using the Position Management, personnel managers always have an overview of the organization structure and the job profiles.

Position Management at a glance

Variably designed organigrams

Receive a presentation of the company structure that is up-to-date on a daily basis and generate clearly arranged organigrams.

Identify under-staffing or over-staffing

The Position Management determines the current position utilization and helps to identify over-staffing and under-staffing.

Planning with an eye an yesterday and tomorrow

View the staffing history of a position or simulate different future Scenarios.


  • Up-to-date and transparent display of the company structure
  • Identification of over- and under-staffing
  • Electronic phone book with employee photos
  • Future oriented position planning and simulation
  • Qualitative position controlling

Functional Features

  • Job description and calculation of the job utilization
  • Display of the assignment history
  • Succession planning
  • Seamlessly integrated in MS Office
  • Variably designed organigrams
  • Traffic light function and print collection
  • External employees can be entered into the organigrams

Position Management – for a reliable plan including position controlling

Companies are living organisms in which the responsibilities change, new employees are hired and departments are restructured. Clear position profiles as well as a continuously updated description of the company structure are required to always maintain an overview. perbit.insight, with its Position Management, offers a software for position planning, which reliably fulfills these requirements.

Position planning with a view of yesterday and tomorrow

Each position can be clearly defined and planned. Past, present and future of the position planning can be combined only through the support of specialized software. The Position Management by perbit.insight permits a view into the assignment history as well as a succession planning directed at the future. The software also determines the current position utilization and helps to determine over- and under-staffing in the company. It is seamlessly integrated in MS Office and therefore guarantees a quick and simple navigation in a familiar environment.

Qualitative statements about job profiles

Special attention is given to qualitative statements about the job profile and the needed capabilities, which are required for a meaningful position controlling. The Position Management generates a data network, which includes information from the Employee and Applicant Management from perbit.insight to ensure that position assignments results in an accurately fitting result. This guarantees a fast and reliable skill matching of the position requirements with the employee and applicant profiles.

Transfer to the organigram at the touch of a button

Even variably designed organigrams can be created by pressing a button. This is possible through the expansion tool Organigram Manager, which displays the network of the entire company or alternatively individual levels clearly and up-to-date. The organigrams are suitable for publication on the intranet and can be used just like an electronic phone book - only they are much more convenient, because photos can be integrated to give a face to the employees.

Simulating any future scenario

A flexible simulation tool is available as a supplement, which supports a future oriented position controlling: the organigram simulator. By using this software, the impacts of re-assignments or new assignments can be simulated in any way.

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