Process Manager

Accelerate the internal processes

If companies automate their personnel processes, then they create an enormous added value potential. They accelerate processes, increase the transparency and quality.

Process Manager at a glance

Control personnel processes intelligently

Complex HR processes that involve several departments can be automated using the Process Manager.

Do not forget important tasks

The software creates task lists for all process participants and sends reminders by email to the tasks to be performed.

Significant time and cost savings

The Process Manager unburdens the personnel office, results in significant time savings and reduces the process costs.


  • Variable design of all HR processes
  • Transparent overview and time-savings
  • Reduction of the process costs
  • Increase of the process quality
  • Improved service quality
  • Image improvement for the human resource department

Functional features

  • Intelligent software supported process control
  • Design of individual company processes, from the applicants selection to the objective agreements
  • Process steps are initiated automatically
  • Automated information and reminder emails
  • Adaptations are possible while the software is running
  • Multi-step escalation management

Process Manager - more transparency for HR processes

Efficient HR processes are a major success factor for the personnel work. Companies that implement a software that is used to automate their personnel processes create an enormous added value potential. By using the integrated Process Manager of perbit.insight, you can increase the quality of your personnel management, accelerate the processes, reduce the process costs and generate transparency.

HR processes intelligently controlled

An intelligent software for the control of the HR processes offers the prerequisites to utilize these benefit potentials. All personnel relevant processes of a company can be variably designed and automatically controlled by using the process management tool of perbit.insight.

All process steps pictured automated

Each company has guidelines for complex HR processes and approval procedures – for example, the notification of the departments involved when an employee is hired or resigns or the approval of overtime or seminar registrations. All these processes can be automated by using the Process Manager. The individual process steps must be defined only once, afterwards the system automatically initiates all steps that must be executed. It creates task lists for all process participants and sends reminders by email to the tasks to be performed. The software obtains process related data directly from the personnel management system.

Nothing is forgotten

The human resources department receives a transparent overview about the status. The process does not stop at any point, nothing is forgotten due to a multi-stage escalation process. The software unburdens the human resources department, results in significant time savings for internal processes and reduces the process costs. This is accompanied by an improved service quality, which results in an image improvement for the personnel office and a fast return on investment.

Adaptations are possible while the software is running

The solution is based on the proven software of Inspire Technologies GmbH. perbit Software GmbH provides a full service concept and assumes the total implementation, maintenance and administration. Adaptations of the process control are easily and quickly possible during continued operation through versionings. In addition, the process manager offers a comprehensive monitoring of the HR processes.

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